Job Search Guidelines

By following the tips resource searching for the job can benefit abundantly.

Increase Professional Network:

These days use of social media is prevalent, make sure you have an account on LinkedIn and add the right type of resources as your contacts. Networking doesn’t have to be confined to business contacts, especially when you’re trying to break into a big company that may use automated software to screen applicants. In such cases having a reference will help.

Search Job Wisely:

Just because you are unemployed, fresh graduate or in need of a job does not mean that you have to send your resume’ for every opportunity. Before applying for a job make sure you have required skill set, you like the organization, and pay package is as per your expectations. If you will settle for anything less than that, you will eventually get frustrated and will soon start looking for job again.

Don’t blame:

It is proven by research that although we are seeing high unemployment and the economy is weak, there will always be jobs available for those who are determined to find the right fit. But it’s important to remember that looking for a job is all about marketing yourself.

Make effective Resume:

Using one resume’ for all jobs is not a good idea. It is recommended to tailor your CV with respect to job description that will increase your likelihood of ending up in searched pool. Make your resume’ precise and add some graphical/visual information in your CV. Also ensure that most of the times resumes’ are not printed therefore your resume’ shall be properly formatted to be viewed on computer screen of recruiter. Avoid typos in your resume’ as it leaves a negative impression, each application software provides spell checks these days therefore it is recommended that resume’ is reviewed properly before applying for a job.

Follow Up:

Don’t just assume that by sending resume’ for a particular job you have done all that you can. Sometimes employers wait for follow-up calls to gauge applicant’s interest in job. So it is recommended that you do it but at the same time don’t overdo it.

Use Keywords:

Many recruiters use online electronic systems to filter masses of resumes searching for specific qualifications. Make sure you are carefully reviewing the job description and aligning your experience and skills based on what the organization is looking for.

Stay Current:

Keep your online profile up-to-date, keep on adding new skills and experience. Some employers maintain a pool of candidates who have applied (but were rejected) for specific jobs, so that they can reach out if a more suitable position arises. So if you are in one of such pools keeping your profile updated will make it easier for you to end up getting a job.

Social Media:

Use social media effectively for increasing your network, also ensure that your profile has recommendations from your supervisors, team leads. It is also recommended that if you know any person who is well known ask him/her to write an endorsement and recommendation for you. This has a positive impact.